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We’re kicking off a new segment, where Babs and I review food products she is tasting for the first time. Very soon, Babs will be six months old and starting to eat solid foods. I’m going to be with her every step of the way tasting the baby foods, and we will both give our official reviews.

Up first? Prune Juice. Prescribed by the pediatrician to help us both with digestion. Watch and learn…

The Scene:

Lucy and I sat at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the pool at Wynn Las Vegas. We were having lunch, just a few hours after arriving in town. Misters (not men, but sprinklers) were keeping us cool, and the vibe around the pool was perfect.

The Conversation:

Lucy and I talked about how our baby was in great care with my parents, which made it okay to go to Vegas and have some fun. We were excited about the two days ahead, and it was good for us to get away and have some time to ourselves.

The Food:

The waiter (a Mister – man, not a sprinkler) was approaching with our food. Our first meal in Vegas was going to be tasty, and we were so looking forward to it. We were splitting a chopped salad, tomato soup, fries, and a grilled cheese on steroids. Seriously, it was the most impressive grilled cheese sandwich you will ever see. My mouth was watering.

The Phone Call:

My mom called, and I answered. She was going to tell us something cute about our baby right? As I was reaching in for my first bite of the Mark McGuire grilled cheese sandwich, my mom said, “Good news…Babs just had a beautiful poop.” And then she described it in detail.

The Explanation:

My mom was just telling us what we wanted to hear. Babs had been having a little trouble digestively (to be politically correct), and the doctor had prescribed prune juice for her to help that problem. We were concerned, so my mom was just sharing this wonderful turn of events.

The Food, revisited:
The food was still excellent. You just get a tougher skin as a parent, and whether you’re talking about poop, vomit, or drool, grilled cheese is grilled cheese.

Tune in tomorrow for Babs’ and my review on prune juice. With her starting to eat solid foods soon, we are going to taste test everything together. How exciting for you.

The Grilled Cheesiest!

My first celebrity interview…on MY show! Father of two, Joshua Malina (West Wing, In Plain Sight) teaches me how to play kids games, and how to play them fairly. Thanks so much Josh for being on my show… Enjoy!

Pick out the two country music superstars...

Lucy and I with Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. I can’t say enough about how kind they both were to us, and they let us hang in their dressing room for almost a half hour after the show. Go see Garth live at the Wynn in Las Vegas!

Cowboy Up.

Let’s start with a reminder of how we received this trip to Vegas…watch this clip from The Ellen Show.

Here are some of the highlights of our Vegas weekend…


We had a fabulous suite at the Wynn Las Vegas, overlooking the only golf course on the strip. The view was incredible, and the suite was very luxurious. The picture below shows off our view, and yes that is me wearing a cowboy hat. We were going to see Garth Brooks!


We had many great meals, particularly our steak dinner at Wynn’s Country Club. Our table was the best in the restaurant, which overlooked the 18th hole of the golf course. Previous visitors to this table in just the past few weeks included Joe Torre and Tyra Banks. Tom Brady also had a drink at the bar there not too long ago. Yeah, I’m name dropping.


On the “Ellen” show, Ellen kindly gave us cash, and said to put the money on number eleven. This was my plan, and the first time we stepped up to a roulette table, for some reason I hesitated. What did it land on? Eleven. Ouch. My fault, I didn’t listen. Then of course I put money on eleven, and lost it. The second time I stepped up to a roulette table, I thought, there is no way it will land on eleven again, so I didn’t put money down. What did it land on? Eleven. Double ouch. The third time we played roulette, we put money on eleven each time. One time it landed on eleven, and we won $120. I’ll never forget those first two spins, though. I should have listened to Ellen.


Ellen’s DJ, and my friend, Tony Okungbowa was the guest DJ at the new Mandarin Oriental. This place was amazing, and it was great to see Tony. The only bad news…this hotel replaced my beloved Carrow’s restaurant and Boardwalk Casino on the Vegas Strip.


We saw the amazing Cirque du Soliel show at the Bellagio. Great seats, and an unbelievable show. O, they are doing something right!


As part of our fabulous package, Lucy and I received this treatment. I’ve never had a fancy massage, and it was so relaxing I fell asleep. Afterwards, I saw other guys hanging in the waiting area in deep thought while eating apples. I didn’t really want an apple, but I figured that was what I was supposed to do. So I pretended to be in deep thought, and I ate an apple. I’m not a spa guy…but the massage was great.


We sat in the 5th row for this intimate concert. It was like Garth Brooks was in our living room. Just before the show, Garth’s security told us we were going backstage after the show. Garth was fantastic, and we got a true look into his musical upbringing. Mr. Brooks took requests from the crowd and played many of his all-time favorites.


We spent about 20 minutes in Garth’s dressing room, with him and his wife, Trisha Yearwood. They were so compassionate when talking about our baby’s story, and then even gave us (and Lucy’s brother Tony, via telephone) a private performance of Garth’s song Alabama Clay. Lucy, a true fan, was blown away. It was amazing.


After the unbelievable weekend, the highlight was arriving home and holding our baby…Thanks Mom and Dad for taking such good care of her! Thanks to Ellen and the staff for giving us this perfect weekend!

Where are my cattle?

Father Knows Best?

Be cool. Go to traffic school.

I will begin this story with the end.

The cop, while shaking his head, told me, “Now that you’ve brought a child into this world, you have to start acting responsibly.”

What did I do you ask?  Why was a cop in Anaheim lecturing me?  Did I punch Mickey Mouse?

Lucy, Babs, and I were driving down to Orange County for “Dinner for Schnooks.”  We were in two different cars.  Lucy and Babs were heading back earlier, and I was going to an Angels game that night with my brother-in-law, and star of Dad Camp.

The plan was to park my car near the stadium, and then drive with Lucy and the baby the rest of the way.  When driving south, it didn’t even cross my mind that I shouldn’t be in the carpool lane, being a solo driver.  Totally my fault.  When I got pulled over, I had no idea what I had done.  The copper approached me like I was a criminal.

He walked up, and said, “Looks like you’re driving all by yourself…why were you in the carpool lane?” 

I pointed at Lucy’s car, and said, “I’m so sorry, we have our baby in that car, and I was just following my wife, it didn’t even cross my mind.”

The copper chuckled, and said, “Well, I’m going to have to write you a ticket anyway.”

He did, which gave me a point on my license, and a court date.  When I asked him if there was any leeway for a new dad, following his 5 month old baby in the carpool lane, he delivered this gem…

 “Now that you’ve brought a child into this world, you have to start acting responsibly.”

Everybody listen up.  We can not let this happen without putting up a fight.  I need you all to show up in that Anaheim court room and stand up for the truth.  Tell everybody that you know that it is the State of California vs. Life of Dad.  Do you believe in your parents, or do you believe in your country?  Put on your formal attire, grab your picketing signs, and come to the court house to fight for fatherhood.

Actually, I’m very guilty, so I’m just going to pay the ticket over the phone.  But I have learned a valuable lesson.

“Now that I’ve brought a child into this world, I have to start acting responsibly.”